Ander Wilson

Why We STOPPED Selling Diets

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About a year and a half ago, after 10 years of working in the fitness, diet and supplement industries, Amanda and I were hit with the startling and super inconvenient fact that diets don't work. I’m a Registered Dietitian for crying out loud! And Amanda is a Fitness Model and Certified Personal Trainer. It wasn’t looking good.

We spent an entire year reading the research about the abysmal success rate of diets. The research confirmed what we had already observed in the women who we’d worked with for years. Not only do weight-loss diets not work, but there’s a mountain of evidence to support the fact that they can be traumatic, lead to eating disorders, and result in an all-around less fulfilling life (Yes, even the “balanced” diets that claim they’re not really a diet, but a lifestyle *cue eye roll*). So not only were we not really helping women in the long run (you know, past 21 days or 12 weeks or however long a diet lasts), but we were potentially causing harm.

That was the point of no return. We were done with diets for good, and Hot & Healthy Habits was born. 

For the full story behind why we stopped selling diets, watch our YouTube video above!